First Supermoon of the century; Can we see it in Pakistan?


The world will experience its first ever supermoon of the 21st century on November 14, 2016, as the moon on this date will be at the closest distance to Earth. A supermoon is usually brighter and bigger in size than the one seen in the normal routine. This is the first ever supermoon of the century as the last one was observed in 1948 and the next would be witnessed on 25th Dec 2034.

Moon in such condition appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter. The reason for such enhancement in appearance is attributed to the reduction in distance between the moon and the earth, which is caused by the elliptical orbit of the planet.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), In Pakistan supermoon would be sighted at 18:52 according to PST.

Supermoon effects the life on Earth in many ways. The force of attraction between Earth and moon increases, due to which tidal pull in the ocean increases. Well, it is not the only force of attraction from the moon. Moon, sun and earth; all come in the same line as a result of which combined force of attraction from both the moon as well the Sun, pull everything on Earth towards itself.

Given this situation, PMD has advised citizens to be careful and abstain from going on shores, or on the banks of the stream during 13-14 November.

A brighter and bigger moon does not pose a threat only for fishermen but those living on the shores. Those who are likely to be impacted by changes in moon’s position and physical appearance would be major effects too. For example, many people are habitual of walking in sleep, especially those who walk in the open air are more likely to be impacted, this is because the force of attraction coming from the moon can be strong enough to make a person walk unconsciously in sleep.

Supermoon may also be of particular interest for those who firmly believe in lunar effects on human life, psyche, behaviour and even fate. However, for photographers, it will be a site to capture in their photos.

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