First time in Pakistan, now you can get predictions about your future health outcomes which will surely help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid bleak future.

Fitness Diagnostic Lab (FDL) has launched Pakistan’s first Fit3D testing lab which is the world’s fastest-growing 3D body scanning cutting-edge technology that offers a “Fitness and Wellness Test”. Its just like getting a blood or urine test in any local lab.

Globally the technology is so famous that Fit3D registers a scan every 2.5-second while the brand has a footprint in 45 countries. In Pakistan, Fit3D has launched its scanning devices across 50 locations. The good thing is that the devices are placed at random locations like gyms, hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, sports centers, social clubs, and army training centers.

A large audience including celebrities, fitness gurus, physicians, and physiotherapists observed the live demonstration of the scan in the launching event held at Karachi’s Ocean Mall.

“Fit3D gives you your future health insights, you look into the future because you don’t need to look in the mirror,” said FDL Founder and Country Head Dr. Ibraheem Naeem.

It’s highly commendable that Fit3D surfaces in Pakistan as it will help citizens to adopt a natural and better lifestyle with the help of diagnostics and reports. Now before enrolling in a gym or adopting a keto diet, first head towards Fit3D scan and get info regarding your initial standings. The scanner will help you in your journey always providing a complete progress report.