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We often find it difficult to talk to someone while in a small room because of the poor network signals. It irritates a lot when we walk away from the room all of a sudden to talk to someone on the phone. Many mobile networks in Pakistan don’t provide full signals inside the houses. In this article, we will discuss a few ways to improve the reception of your mobile phone.

Turn off the Internet

If you are not using the Internet, it is better to put out the 3G and 4G-LTE services and use the basic 2G services only. Because in many areas, the 3G and 4G-LTE service are still not fully available, so turning this feature off will let you communicate using the 2G service, which provides full signals in most of the parts of the country.

Remove the cover

While you are talking to someone on your mobile phone, it is better to remove the cover of your smartphone. Many times, removing the cover from your phone improves the signal reception. The reason for this is because the cover reduces the signals. Although there are some great cases available in the market, which are designed according to the size of your smartphone, it is always good to remove these cases while talking to someone on the phone.

Use hands-free

It is an old trick and many people already know it, but this method might not work for everyone, depending on the brand of cell phone they are using. You can use hands-free to talk to your friends on your mobile phone, and this method really enhances the signal reception.

Open a window and door

If your room is very small, you can open the windows and doors to improve the signals of your phone. Opening the windows provide a way to your mobile phone for finding the cell phone towers for better signals.

Try holding the phone in the other hand

If you feel that the call quality is not good, you can try holding your mobile phone in the other hand. Many times, it actually improves the signals. Often your hand blocks the signals if you are in an area where the network quality is very poor. As soon as you hold the phone in the other hand, the network signals will be improved.

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