This year with the release of iPhone X, we saw the company shifting from Touch ID to facial recognition feature and according to a new report, the makers of flagship Android phones are moving towards the same direction.

A report in DigiTimes suggests that the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Huawei are working to create their own 3D sensing technology. This is the same technology which is being used by Apple’s iPhone X that can read its owner’s face to unlock the device.

The report cites that according to industry sources the suppliers who can build the said technology are getting a large number of orders that indicate that the 2018’s flagship Android Phones will surely have this feature.

Though facial recognition and iris scanning have been present in the smartphones for quite some years, Apple changed the game with its True Depth camera by providing accuracy and precision.

Many people have complained that the Facial recognition on the flagship Android phones by Samsung can be fooled by a picture but the same cannot be said in the case of iPhone X.

Previously, a report by KGI Securities suggested that it would take Apple’s rivals 3 years to copy iPhone X’s FaceID feature. Let’s see whether the claim is true or the next flagship Android phones will defy the odds.

We have already heard the rumors that Galaxy S9 may offer similar facial recognition features but we think that the companies should think hard before attempting the bold move of getting rid of the fingerprint sensor.