Flexible Battery for phones

Flexible Battery for phonesThe field of science and technology is progressing rapidly, and every other day, we see a new gadget in the market. Recently, the engineers from the U.S have developed a flexible battery with the help of nanotechnology. This battery can be called a super capacitor, and it can charge your mobile phone in just a few seconds.

As per details, the experts from the University of Central Florida have created a battery, which can be recharged for up to 30 thousand times. The experts who performed the research and the author of this report has said that their “Supercapacitor” can recharge the battery of a mobile phone in just a few seconds and the users will not need to recharge the phone’s battery before a week.

How did they develop the flexible battery?

According to the experts, this battery can take the place of the regular cells, but it is gigantic. However, the team has created a two-dimensional capacitor with the help of the nanomaterials. The engineers have used the graphene in it. But, this capacitor was failed, and the experts introduced a new chemical-based way to embed the current material into the two-dimensional setup.

“That is a bottleneck in the field. We created a simple chemical synthesis approach, so we can very nicely integrate the existing materials with the two-dimensional materials,” said Yeonwoong ‘Eric’ Jung, an assistant professor at UCF.

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The people who work in the nanoscience and technology department of the University say that a simple chemical synthesis can keep the current material into the two-dimensional materials. For this purpose, they kept millions of nanometer thick wires into the shells of two-dimensional materials. Its cover lets the electrons quickly pass in and out and speeds up the charging.

In this way, this flexible battery can be used for charging the small gadgets. They can charge the batteries in 1500 percent less time.

Image Source: zdnet


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