Really?? You can fly from Karachi to New York within 26 minutes

Fly from Karachi to Lahore in less than a minute

Industrial designer Charles Bombardier has come up with the new concept plane called Antipode which could theoretically fly from New York to Karachi in 26-28 minutes. This way it might travel from Karachi to Lahore in less than a minute.

The plane will feature aerodynamic technique, called long penetration mode that helps travel several times the speed compared to the current aircrafts.

It could carry ten passengers up to 12,430 miles in under an hour and will be able to fly from any airport runway.

The Plane Would Fly From New York To London within 11 Minutes While New York To Dubai in 22 Minutes and New York To Karachi in 26-28 Minutes.

“I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode —or diametrical opposite —as fast as possible,” Bombardier told Forbes.

After the flight, the plane will reach an altitude of 40 thousand feet using rocket boosters and the supersonic scramjet engine will help speed 21 times faster than the speed of sound. These engines have no moving parts. Scramjet engines would burn oxygen from the atmosphere instead of carrying heavy tanks full of oxygen.

The Antipode’s wings would be fitted with rocket boosters that would propel the aircraft to 40,000 feet, and enable it to reach Mach 5.

This aircraft will be capable of traveling at a speed of 16 thousand miles per hour while the speed limit of common Boeing 747 is 570 mph, which you can well imagine how speedy it will be.

According to Charles Bombardier, this plane would travel the one complete cycle of earth before a football match can come to an end.

The design is in primary stages of preparation, yet working on the speed, overheating and noise problems of the plane.

NASA and an engineer working for the US Department of Defense Wiley company has offered to coordinate to overcome these problems. According to the engineer Joseph Hazel Tyne, these problems can overcome through the technique of long penetration mode NASA has been testing.

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The rocket boosters will help to fly the plane at an altitude of 40 thousand feet and then bring back to the airport and use it again. Every aircraft will be loaded with emergency boosters which will help in emergency landing by reducing the speed of the plane.

Charles Bombardier doesn’t seem bothered that his concept is still decades away.

He explains in one of his videos on this website:

“Its’s all about innovation. Share your idea, and it opens a door for other designers to build on it.”

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