According to a new report, around five tech companies are working on foldable displays and these companies will unveil their foldable smartphones as early as 2018. There is a chance that these new devices will take around 20% of the entire market share in 2019.

We have been hearing for a long time that Samsung is working on the foldable displays. But according to a new report, Samsung is not an only company that is taking a keen interest in this technology, but Apple is also in the process to release its foldable iPhone. Yes, Apple’s iPhone 9 will come with a foldable screen, and it is expected in 2018.

Analysts are saying that foldable smartphones will cost more than traditional smartphones. Samsung is reportedly experimenting with the bendable displays since 2015 and it is expected that this company will unveil a phone, which will be very easy to fold, and the users will be able to adjust it inside their pockets.

Some tech experts are claiming that the bendable phones will look more like wallets and they will use 4K screens with PenTile subpixel procedures. Moreover, Samsung is also working on something called “artificial muscle” to handle the foldable display panels. The bend radius of a bendable phone will be 5 millimeters rather than the 1-millimeter radius.

Reports suggest that Apple has partnered with LG for the production of foldable displays for iPhones. But, there is no chance of this kind of displays in 2017. You will have to wait for at least two years. Some sources are claiming that LG has already created a model of the bendable display for iPhone. Moreover, Microsoft is also in talks with LG for the production of the bendable displays. The rumored Apple iPhone 9 specs include an AMOLED panel, a 3D camera, and a very new interface.