These Food Brands in Pakistan were Found Unhealthy in 2018

Food is the basic nutritional support for humans and other organisms. Although Pakistan is an agricultural country and we are self sufficient in the production of fresh edibles, our cities relies on processed food. Unfortunately, the problem starts here.

All over the world, processed food gets eligible for sale after many safety SOPs and standards. From the condition of the manufacturing plants and maintaining strict hygiene related rules to the ingredients labeling, everything should be up to the mark. However, in Pakistan, only a few companies follow the rules prescribed by the authorities and many brands are found to be providing unfit products for human consumption.

Here we have compiled a list of processed foods by brands which are termed as hazardous and unfit for the human health by the government in 2018.


Processed milk is used in our households on daily basis. For infants and school going children it plays an important part in providing strength and helping in the growth. You can imagine the ills associated with the harmful milk.

The samples were taken by PFA in second quarter, June of this year. And according to the report these brands are found to be failed in the lab tests.

Fail on Quality Parameters

Malmo Milk Pasteurized & StandardizedNestle Milk Pack Full Cream
Adam’s Pasteurized milkGood Milk UHT Full Cream
Haleeb All Purpose UHT MilkAnhaar Low Fat Milk

Fail on Safety Parameters

Prema Low Fat Milk by At-Tahur (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Total of 19 samples were taken from the market.

Edible Oil and Banaspati Ghee

We are among the nations that consume a much large quantity of cooking oil in their daily diet. There might not be a single Pakistani dish that can be cooked without this basic ingredient. So you must choose cooking oil wisely.

Fail on Safety Parameters

Abid Koh-e-Noor BanaspatiKamiyab Cooking Oil
Ambar BanaspatiKamran Banaspati
Apna BanaspatiKarwan Banaspati
Apna Canola OilKausar Canola Oil
Areej Premium BanaspatiKausar Cooking Oil
Atif BanaspatiKhajoor Cooking Oil
Attiya BanaspatiKisan Cooking Oil (Sunflower)
Badar Cooking OilLives Cooking Oil
Behtreen BanaspatiMamta Banaspati
Crispo Vegetable OilMujahid Cooking Oil
Dawat Cooking OilNaimat Canola Oil
Enam Cooking OilNaturelle Cooking Oil
Faizi BanaspatiNice Banaspati
Gai Canola Cooking OilNirala Banaspati
Gai Cooking OilOlio Premium Canola Oil
Gai Sunflower Cooking OilOlio Premium Sunflower Oil
Ghousia BanaspatiQarni Banaspati
Ghousia Canola OilRahat Banaspati Ghee
Gold Rehmat BanaspatiSeasons Frying Oil
Hoor Canola OilSitara Cooking Oil
Hoor Cooking OilSoya Supreme Banaspati
Hoor Sunflower OilSultan Sunflower Oil
Ittehad Cooking OilZareen Banaspati

Fail on Quality Parameters

Chand BanaspatiKhajur Banaspati
Ella Cooking OilLives Banaspati
Evolin Vegetable BanaspatiMadni Cooking Oil
Evolin Vegetable Cooking OilShamim Banaspati
Fauji Cooking OilSultan Canola Oil
Golden Sun BanaspatiSultan Cooking Oil
Golden Sun Cooking OilZaiqa Cooking Oil
Ittehad Banaspati
  • Total of 267 samples were taken from the market. There are 88 brands samples on which there is no result announced and analysis is still in the process.

Bottled Water

This year companies selling bottled water were in the news not for a good reason. Not only these companies were not paying enough to the government for using groundwater, but most of them were also found to be selling water by placing fake packaging labels. This means you are not getting the minerals you are paying for.

Fail on Labeling

Aqua-Eight PureNaimat Pure Healthy
AskariPure Natural Sip
Evian Natural MineralSpringley Natural Mineral
FazalZim Zom Premium
Mai DubaiDasani
  • Total of 22 companies were examined.

Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert

Who is not fond of ice creams? From kids to adults everybody loves ice creams in frozen desserts. Well next time when you get a sweet tooth, beware of hazardous ice creams being sold in the market.

Fail on Safety Parameters

Badami Kulfa

Total of 11 brands were examined.

The situation is much worse than we had presumed. PFA did a nice job highlighting it, however, there is so much of processed food around and not everything comes under the check. No government authority touched the companies selling bread, cakes, cupcakes, jams and spreads, sauces and different dairy products including butter and cheese.

Speaking of imported food items, there is no Halal Food Authority in Pakistan that approves the flooding of processed food coming into the country. There is a need that some authority is established on the modern scientific basis.

We commend the performance of PFA this year and hope that the authority broadens its spectrum by including more companies in the scrutiny next year.

Our food exports have a minuscule 0.22 percent share in the global food market of nearly two trillion dollars. Why we are unable to process our food and export it for the world? The answer is pretty simple, we still don’t have industrial evolution and this list also shows that we don’t have any a quality check which is the basic thing in the world.

Disclaimer: The data has been taken from Punjab Food Authority (PFA). We are just reporting the facts presented by PFA thus under no circumstances, More News is liable over the accuracy of the data, any errors or omissions. If a company has cleared its name, they may write to us with a proper proof so we can update this list.

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