Foodie app makes food photos cute and beautiful

Foodie has 24 awesome filters that are especially designed for food photos

Foodie app

The craze of capturing photos of the food while dining, lunch, or breakfast is increasing very fast. In Pakistan, the young generation is finding it cool to share food photos on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook to let their loved ones know what they’re eating and if they’re having a party.

To fulfill the need to capture stunning and beautiful pictures, LINE has come up with an exciting app which wondrously enhances the quality of your food photos.

The app called “Foodie” features 24 different kinds of awesome filters, specially designed for food. The categories of these filters are Yum, Fresh, Chewy, Crispy, Barbeque, Sweet, and Romantic.

Another feature of Foodie app is that it automatically focuses on the best angle of the food. It automatically adjusts the brightness of your image. The image can then be shared by any of your installed apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook or LINE. No more boring food photos again!

There are a lot of other photo-filter apps such as Retrica, Candy Camera, Camera 360 but they are not capable of capturing attractive food photos. Foodie is specially designed for food lovers.

Foodie app is designed by famous Japanese instant messaging company, LINE

Filters of Foodie app

The Yum filter is specially designed for fast food, breakfast etc. such as egg, omelet. The Fresh filter is for fruits such as Orange, Strawberry, Mango etc.

Chewy photo filter allows you to capture the images of the chewy food such as candies, chewing gums etc.

You can use the Crispy filter to capture stunning pictures of potato chips. Barbeque filter enables the user to take the photos of Barbeque food such as Tikka, Kebab etc.

If you love chocolates, ice creams, or delicious biscuits, then the Sweet filter is just for you. And if you’re dining with your partner or having a drink, you can use the Romantic photo filter.

The Foodie logo does not display in photos by default. It is just 10 MB in size and is available for Apple and Android users.

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