Foodpanda Pakistan celebrated its 4th Anniversary that turned on even the faint-hearted foodpanda. It was attended by the devoted users of foodpanda which includes top Customers of foodpanda, CEO’s of top hospitality brands in the country, food & lifestyle Bloggers and leading Celebrities from the industry.

Showing gratitude towards all the stakeholders, Nauman S Mirza, MD & CEO of foodpanda Pakistan said, “Customers are at the heart of our business. We are extremely thankful to the partnering restaurants that work with us closely to provide an unmatched proposition for keeping more than half a million customers delighted.”

Further emphasizing on the technical expertise of the company, he added, “We have achieved 100% automation in order delivery to restaurants. Foodpanda’s proprietary technology enables us to get customer orders directly into the restaurant’s kitchen in less than 20 seconds.”

Foodpanda celebrates 4th Anniversary

Due to healthy economic growth in the country, improved law and order situation, increased penetration of 3G and 4G services and increased investments, especially in the hospitality sector, the food delivery market in Pakistan is appraised to reach a 400 Million USD mark by 2020.  Local restaurant heroes are expanding their footprint across the country, and international chains are eyeing second tier cities for expansion.

While honoring the journey with foodpanda, McDonald’s Director Marketing and Development, Mr. Jamil Mughal said, “Partnering with foodpanda has brought success by increasing customer reach. Foodpanda’s platform has enabled us to reach more customers without any cannibalization. Together we hope to keep delivering exciting food with utmost convenience and bring more smiles on the faces of our valued customers every day.”

With the help of Foodpanda’s user-friendly mobile App, customers can discover all the restaurants delivering to their area and restaurants can attract a customer base that usually does not order using the existing ordering channels. In last 12 months, more than 100% spike into App downloads.

While nurturing a feeling of satisfaction, Mr. Nauman said, “The progress in the last 12 months is a testament to our commitment to growing and ace the 400 Million USD food delivery market in Pakistan. In 2016 alone, our customer base has increased by a staggering 100%, and we are now at half a million happy customers. On the restaurant side, we have generated additional sales of PKR 1 Billion– and honestly, we’re just warming up.”