Forebears is a new kind of website which is getting widely popular among internet users. The site magically tells how common your name is by searching it in different cities, nations, towns, and regions. It also explains the origin of any name.

Users can also search by Nation, to know about the most famous names in any country. According to the data of this website, the most popular surname in Pakistan is Khan, with the occurrence rate of 12,268,293. Hussain is the second while Ahmed is the third most common surname used in our country.

The website claims that the least common name in Pakistan is Rahim. You can also search for your name and know how popular it is. To do this, simply visit the website, click “Surnames”, a search box will appear, type in your name there and hit the “Search” button.

The site will give you the result of your search. Select the name, and it will show you the list of the countries where your name is familiar. It also shows similar surnames, the meaning of the name, and transliteration.

The most general name in the world is Wang, while in the US, Smith is the most famous surname. In India, it is Devi.

You can also browse historical and genealogical databases, websites, publications by clicking on the “Resources” option on the website.

According to the website, the primary aim of this service is to bring the large variety of genealogical records for the researchers. The website got much popularity after another similar site was closed due to some reasons.

Forebears website allows its users to submit meanings to their names if it is incorrect or not listed on the site. Users can also submit new names to the website, by signing up. The registration process is also very easy.


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