Forget VR devices; Samsung’s Smart Contact Lenses are next big thing

South Korea has given the rights to Samsung for manufacturing the new kind of smart contact lenses, which will include many built-in features such as an antenna, a camera, display, and various type of sensors. The minuscule display will project the pictures into the eye of the person wearing it.

The camera and the sensors will be controlled by blinking of the eyes. The antennas will transmit the radio signals to the smartphone for processing.

According to a Samsung-focused blog, SamMobile, the main logic for creating a smart contact lens is to produce an improved picture quality. Until now, people know that Google is working on smart contact lenses, but it is worth mentioning here that Samsung’s patent was registered back in 2014.

Smart Contact Lenses diagram Samsung
Diagram of Samsung’s Smart Contact Lenses

As the mobile phone manufacturing companies are getting involved in creating wearable smart devices, people have also started taking a keen interest in the wearables. Back in 2013, Google launched Google Glass, which was a successful method, and was an excellent way to see the instructions on a hands-free style.

Last year, Samsung released Oculus-powered Virtual Reality device, and now, it is planning for the smart contact lens.

It is still early to say that Samsung’s Smart Contact Lenses will be released for use. In the past, we have seen many times that the companies file patents for the new product, the rights are granted to them, but their product never sees the light of the day.

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