four criminals sent to jail for Cybercrime

On Wednesday, four criminals involved in cybercrime have been sent to jail on judicial remand. The Judicial Magistrate Karachi made the decision under the new Cybercrime Law that was introduced earlier this year to combat the rising crimes on the cyberspace.

The offenders were presented in court on the charges of fraud through internet, ATM, account hacking and fake credit cards. According to Police, the apprehended criminals transmitted £8,000,000 and $1,000,000 illegally. Their names were disclosed to be Zulfiqar Ali, Salahuddin, Javed Khan and Shahnawaz.

This case marks another win for the law as earlier this week the first woman found justice for being harassed on the internet. She was wronged by a man who used to upload photoshopped pictures of women online. It also sheds light on the much-ignored terrors of cybercrime and its consequences.

Cybersecurity is an imminent threat that looms over this country’s head after terrorism, and even with the introduction of the legislation to fight cybercrime, effective measures still need to be set in place to ensure that the law is safeguarded. With 36 million subscribers of broadband and 34 million mobile internet data users, Pakistan has a large share of the population on its cyberspace who are vulnerable to cyber attack.

The basic problem with this issue is that it mostly go unreported. Cybercrime and harassment need to be addressed openly, and people should be informed on why they should care about these matters. Government plans to introduce cyber security policy but maybe less talk and more action is the need of the current hour.


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