France Visa Entreprenuers

Silicon Valley is not the only haven for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors as France through its new program is attracting the best the world has to offer. The French Tech Visa, a program created by their government aims to bolster the French Startup scene by attracting foreign tech talent. This new program provides a way for anyone to get a four-year visa for them and their family.

French Tech Visa for Entrepreneurs
Screenshot French Tech Visa site

France previously had introduced French Tech Ticket in 2015 providing a package with a visa, a small grant, and a little help pertaining to the administrative tasks. It is a one year program by the French government which helps the selected entrepreneurs from all around the world to develop their startups in France. The program has provided two batches of startups to France till now and with French Tech Visa, the startup environment in the country will likely flourish.

The French Tech Visa doesn’t just makes you eligible to enter the country but also it can help to create lasting relationships with people from France’s startup ecosystem. The government is going to make a list of more than hundred leading startups where if any individual gets hired by that company, they will get a visa. And the best part about this is that one doesn’t have to stay in the same company for the total duration of their visa, a pretty sweet deal indeed.

All those individuals that are hired by any other tech company that is not involved in the list, can apply for Passeport Talent that allows people with exceptional technical, artistic or scientific abilities to acquire a visa. The world is becoming a single marketplace for the talented labor, and such a program can help France tap into the global human resource to attract the best the world has to offer.

Currently, Pakistan is also providing new opportunities to its entrepreneurs with PITB’s Launchpad, Startup Lahore Conference and by initiating different partnerships with the foreign firms. But this new program by France is guaranteed to give more exposure to the entrepreneurs. The French government claims that it will be a fast process to get a visa so, it yet to be seen how they will sway their immigration policies to get the entrepreneurs from the world.


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