Beware! Fraudsters are selling ATM data of Pakistanis on Darknet

data from ATM Skimming is being sold on darknet

In Pakistan stealing ATM, and Credit Card scamming is on the rise. We have previously shown you how any scammer can steal your ATM card’s data without anyone knowing about it but did you know that where is it going to end up?

Darknet, as the name suggests is not sunshine and rainbows as many hackers often auction off the ATM card’s data where it can be used to make fake cash withdrawal cards, do online transactions and even money laundering.

Last year FIA detained a robber and then an ATM scammer from Islamabad but this time it’s not Pakistanis that were cheating people out their hard earned money.

FIA has arrested two Chinese citizens Zhong Xianming and Zhong Xianquan red-handed while they were removing skimming devices and pinhole camera panel from an ATM facility in Clifton.

Muhammad Ahmad Zaeem, Deputy Director Cybercrime, recently in a TV show on ARY 11th Hour revealed that the stolen data from the ATMs was being sold on the darknet.

Darknet cannot be accessed through the regular search engines like Google as it thrives underbelly of the searchable things on the Internet. The people surfing the dark net are anonymous and can hardly be traced in the real world.

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