faraz malik huawei

Huawei has given the award of ‘Future Star’ to Deputy General Manager of Huawei, Fraz Khan Malik. The ‘Future Star’ Award is a performance-based award which is given to the selected employee from Huawei’s global workforce.

Having a decade-long career in sales, marketing, and strategic business management, Fraz Malik is known for his aggressive marketing strategies, which have helped the technology giant in gaining significant market share in Pakistan.

The company is recognized for its efforts to provide more differentiated and targeted incentives to employees and fans.  While increasing monetary incentives, it looks to further extend its range of our non-monetary incentives, including global awards such as “Whiz Kids” and “Future Stars”.

It’s worth mentioning that Huawei is not only good at giving incentives to employees but also to fans. One good example is the way company celebrated this year’s Indepence Day. On that occasion, Huawei distributed surprise gifts and sent greetings to the brand lovers, social media page fans, celebrities, media persons and bloggers. Moreover, teams were spread in different cities where they offered their hands to the selected households and famous places to decorate them with the theme of Independence Day. Media Persons were also involved in the activities conducted by the company.



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