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Have you recently received a WhatsApp message revealing a too good to be true prize scheme where Hyundai is giving away 200 cars and cash rewards to people? If yes, congratulations as you’ve been targeted by free Hyundai car scam.

Currently, millions of Pakistanis are being scammed in the lieu of free Hyundai cars. It all starts with a WhatsApp message that gives a shady website address to the people.

Hyundai whatsApp scam
WhatsApp Message of Free Hyundai Car Scam

The website in return takes the user to a page and demands personal information including name, mobile number, home address/city and country.

Hyundai scam
Screenshot of the site asking for user’s data

This site is not related to Hyundai and the company has not placed any such offer for the users. Also, the URL of the website is the first thing that gives away that this is just another scam.

Another red flag that many people might miss is the wrong sentence structure of the line written at the bottom end of the page demanding information from the user, as it states, “Please type your name and number correctly to communicate with you in a better and faster way.”

Precautionary measures to take

  • It is best to stay vigilant and inform your friends and senders of the message to ignore them completely.
  • Do not enter your information on the website.
  • Report the messages to authorities
  • Always type the URL in a browser.
  • If you don’t know the URL, google the company official address but never follow the link sent to you.

From the spam calls that promises a million worth profit for installing a telecom tower on the roof of a person’s house to the fake Benazir Income Support program, day after day we are bombarded by fraudulent messages that only end up mining our data or attack the device being used by the user.

Time and again we see public awareness messages from Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) to warn people about the hoax threat alerts on social media and fake telephone calls where people are impersonating Pakistan armed forces officials to obtain personal details including CNIC, bank accounts etc. on the pretext of census verification.

Previously, we have seen different scams including WhatsApp messages like the promise of the app in new colors or WhatsApp invite scam for its video calling feature.

The most shocking thing in the recent Hyundai car scam is that many well-known people and authority figures from our society are also sharing this message among the people which gives the receiver a false sense of security which is quite abhorrent.

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