I never recived free Zong data with huawei P10

This is a tale of a frustrated person who is thinking about abandoning Zong’s service for good. It all started with a happy moment when I bought my Huawei P10 and while inspecting the contents of the box, I came across a cellular SIM by Zong and a 12 GB Data card.

Excited that now I will enjoy the 4G internet of the proclaimed “Fastest Mobile Broadband” in Pakistan for free, I went to my nearest retailer to get my SIM biometrically registered. Everything went well until I scratched my card and sent the 12 digit coupon code to 4111.

Zong Message Screenshot
Screenshot of message by Zong

On 27th of April, moments after my mobile phone sent the request to claim the free data I received a text message that after the validation of eligibility, they will award me data automatically within 7 days.

Alas, there must be a shortage of mobile broadband or they need a go ahead from someone really really busy as after 9 days and 2 calls to the Zong’s helpline I’m still waiting for the promised free Mobile data.

The most infuriating thing about this ordeal is that it’s good old fashioned deception. Both Huawei and Zong publicized free Mobile data on the purchase of P10, the thing that I never received. If the telecom company cannot afford to give mobile broadband, why do they bother to introduce such offers?

Struggling with the sluggish customer service speed of the self-proclaimed “No 1 Data Network” makes me think whether they need to validate my eligibility from their parent company or are waiting for a sign from God. In any case, thank you so much Zong for your absent hospitality but I think I would stick wth Ufone.

I’ll admit the latter doesn’t offer 4G or the best 3G experience, but their customer service is so good. that when I asked them the procedure for taking out a nano SIM of my existing number not only they delivered it to my home, the representative made sure to come bring it in the designated 2 hours waiting time.

Such practices need to be monitored by the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and Zong should be held accountable for misleading the poor souls (like me). Also, Huawei Pakistan should take a glance at what is happening because essentially I was their consumer, Zong’s services were the free reward that the company offered me.

If the problem is neglected, the mobile phone company would have frustrated customers like me who’ll question Huawei’s commitment towards true marketing practices as they join hands with a company that clearly don’t care about such practices.


  1. Lol same thing happened.to me,i was so happy to get this card but a whole week had passed since i got that validation msg but still no sign of any free data,looks like zong is trolling

  2. you reallay right say! that zong never give us reward by a zong card in wich have gb or mb etc i want asked to zong that if you don’t give us our his reward plez ton’t send us reward card in mobile!


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