DTH vs cable in Pakistan

The conversation of bringing DTH has been roaming around in Pakistan for more than a decade and now finally three have companies won the bid for DTH licenses last month. with the oncoming release of DTH lets compare it with the regular cable that been operating in Pakistan for years.


The cable TV only needs a single wire and costs around PKR 100-400 depending upon the service.With DTH the user needs to buy a set-top box that only works on a single TV and the user needs to buy a package that involves all the channels that he wants to see. To incorporate any new channel the user has to pay for it, unlike using cable where one had to only call the cable operator.

If any house has more than one TV screens, then they need to buy a set-top box for every screen, no exceptions. The prices for the set top box and various packages are yet to be announced by the companies.


Loadshedding has often wrecked havoc on the users of cable as, many times the operators didn’t have a generator, or it gives out frequently. With DTH it doesn’t matter if anyone else’s house doesn’t have power, as long as there is light in the users’ home, they can watch TV.

DTH can also disrupt users’ transmission as when there are heavy rainfalls, fog or cloudy weather; the signals don’t reach the set top box & pictures can go off. There is no such problem while using cable.


DTH user can choose from thousands of channels from the world and can pay for only those channels that he/she wants to see whereas a cable user is stuck with the channels that the operator offers. Also with DTH a user can keep more than a thousand channels, unlike cable that provides a maximum of a hundred channels.


The DTH provides unparallel sound and video quality as compared to the channels provided by the cable. Many HD televisions have grainy videos when they watch any channel or program because of the substantial quality of videos provided by the cable. The users can quite brilliantly see the difference between the two services.

Payment System

DTH services mostly offer prepaid services where a user has to recharge their account before watching the channels in their package. It means that if you’re planning a vacation you can skip recharging your account whereas while using cable one has to pay the dues even if they didn’t avail the service.

Pause/Record & Rewind Live TV

The most interesting feature offered by DTH is that you never have to miss a single moment of TV as it can record all your favorite shows that can be viewed at the users’ leisure. Also, the service provides the capability to pause and rewind live TV so if you have to take a few minutes from watching TV but don’t want to miss anything then DTH is the solution. The user can also forwaraWhereas cable TV doesn’t provide any such features to its users.

Customer Care

The DTH operators mostly have devoted customer care centers for their clients that can help people resolve various issues related to the service. Whereas the if anyone has a problem with their cable good luck trying to get hold of the cable operator to come and fix the issue.


If you are looking for cheap way to watch TV irrespective of the quality of channels and programs then Cable is the answer. But, if the HD quality, choice of channels and improved features and service is your goal then you need to move on to DTH.



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