Fuel efficient car by team urban
Team Urban at Shell Eco

A team of Pakistani students from GIKI (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology) known as the Team Urban, made headlines back in 2016 when they excelled in the Shell Eco-marathon contest showcasing their an eco-friendly, cost-effective and road-savvy car.

After much preparation and improvements, Team Urban again took part in this year’s SEM event, impressing everybody with their car. Out of the nine Pakistani teams that participated this year, Team Urban was the first one to clear technical inspection in their particular category.

The car was first designed and built in 2013 but due to an event cancellation in Malaysia and because of some financial difficulties, they featured the revamped car in SEM 2016 where the team secured the seventh position in Asia by hitting a record mileage of 57.2 km/liter.

The car is equipped with a 70cc engine and its exterior and interior features are designed according to the guidelines of the competition.

The car has rack and pinion steering system, and the team has expressed that considering the size, purpose of their car and the economic window, pitman arm will be the best-suited steering system. They have used disc brakes system as they dissipate heat more quickly and are easier and cheaper to maintain.

The car uses sequential manual transmission which is faster to shift, hence making the car easier to drive and provides efficient performance while also taking less space compared to the H pattern. For the clutch, the 70cc engine uses a wet multi-plate making the car more efficient due to its low weight and compact size.

Team Urban was accompanied to SEM 2017 by an advisor Dr. Tariq Ahmed Cheema who specializes in the area of thermo-fluids, applying computational fluid dynamic (CFD) approach to solve various thermo-fluids problems.

Hashir Shafi, Team Captain, expressing his team’s resolve before the competition, “We are proud to have the exclusive opportunity to represent our University and our beloved Pakistan on international grounds. For the upcoming contest, we have improved our design and efficiency, keeping in mind the tough competition.”

This team of Pakistani students shares the ideology of patriotism, teamwork, and combined passion for engineering. They aim to build a fuel efficient vehicle that can travel furthest while consuming the least amount of fuel. The team have also set their gaze on building relationships between GIKI, the general industry and markets, and the global community.


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