iPhone Stylus

It has just been a month since we first saw the new marvel in smartphones, iPhone X by Apple but as we all know the future belongs to dreamers, the tech company is planning to create a stylus for its smartphone.

According to the Korea Herald, Apple is bringing the Apple Pencil to its smartphones as early as 2019. They were first introduced in 2016 and has been a part of iPad Pro ever since.

This development can be an attempt to go after the Galaxy Note series which always comes with a stylus. This year Samsung went beyond the expectations of its users with Galaxy Note 8 and gave us a water-proof stylus that can write and work underwater.

Apple has never before included this accessory in its devices as it was no hidden fact that Steve Jobs hated them. He once said, “God gave us 10 styluses. Let’s not invent another”

The new iPhone will have to make some major changes under the screen to incorporate handwriting and drawing features in the smartphone.

The Galaxy Note series is considered a popular choice among artists as the device enables them to draw with their hands. By adding a stylus, Apple can very well target the customer base that Samsung’s phablet currently enjoys.

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