Future traffic will not require RED signals on road, MIT research

Future traffic

Researchers from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believe that in a few years, the era of traffic lights will come to an end. They came with a new kind of idea, which will help to develop stylish, smart cars, which would run on the roads independently without the need for any traffic lights because these cars will intelligently adjust the speed and traffic automatically with the help of chips installed inside. There will be no chance of an accident. The traffic rules will also be followed automatically.

The concept is not about self-driving cars. Of course, the technology will need drivers.

The slot-shaped cars will work with a connection at the crossings on the road. The technology will judge the ways the car needs to go, it will automatically know if the car needs to change the direction, and will electronically connect and join other cars which also need to travel in the same direction.

Analysts say the cars will control and manage the speed and other factors which cause accidents. It is one of its kind concept and interestingly, researchers claim this idea will come to reality in less than twenty years.

Traffic rules in Pakistan

In a country like Pakistan, where there is always a massive traffic on the roads because of too much traffic signals, a person always finds it a waste of time to follow the traffic rules, people reach late to their offices, colleges and schools because a lot of blocking on the roads.

With this new technology, the people of Pakistan will be able to enjoy driving their cars on the roads without thinking about traffic lights.

Traffic rules are vital to follow. But sometimes, a person just gets annoyed of the red lights coming in the way, no doubt it wastes time, but our lives are more important than the speed. You might have read this written on the sign boards on the highways, “Speed thrills, but kills.”

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