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Haven’t we all dreamed of own a device which can translate any language for us in real-time? Well, now this technology thankfully is not just limited to the world of Star Trek and science fiction as Chinese search giant Baidu just introduced a new gadget that can translate Chinese into English and vice versa.

This week at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco, Baidu showed off its pocket translator that can hear the spoken sentences and translate Chinese into English and English into Chinese.

Baidu has been investing in artificial technology for a long period of time and has made significant strides in improving machine learning since 2015 using deep learning.

The demo of the device was given on stage where  Hua Wu, the company’s chief scientist, and Will Knight, senior editor MIT Technology Review held a conversation in their first languages while the gadget translated the spoken words in English or Chinese.

Reportedly, the gadget has been available since December last year and can currently only be leased at travel agencies and airports in China where it can be used for English, Chinese and Japanese translations.

The company plans to expand this gadget in more languages so people who are looking for more than just to translate Chinese into English or Japanese and vice versa can avail the advantages that a universal translator can offer. Hopefully, Baidu will offer it in more markets as well.

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