Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned in flights

As you already know, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently experiencing a spate of battery explosions. Fortunately, the number of smartphones that have been reported to have exploded is very small, but they are still enough for Samsung to go for the largest recall in the industry history.

This means that if you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should probably take them back to the store you bought them from. If you don’t do this, there is a little trouble head for you as United States Federal Aviation Agency is considering to ban the gadget from being taken onboard.

According to the folks at Gizmodo, they reached out to the FAA who said, “The FAA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration are working on guidance related to this issue. If the device is recalled by the manufacturer, airline crew, and passengers will not be able to bring recalled batteries or electronics that contain recalled batteries in the cabin of an aircraft, or in carry-on and checked baggage.”

You might be a bit confused by the wording because you’re wondering, didn’t Samsung recall the phones? We suppose in a way they did, but in order for it to constitute as an official recall, they would have to get the US Consumer Product Safety Commission involved, which apparently they did not mean that since this isn’t technically an official recall, other agencies like the FAA are at a loss as to what to do.

In any case, the word of advice is; if you own the Galaxy Note 7, don’t take the risk and just return it to the store you bought from. You can either get it replaced by Galaxy S7 (on the spot) or by a newer Note 7 device within a week.


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