Galaxy Note 7 owners in Pakistan can get a refund or replacement device

Galaxy Note 7 replacement and refund

Samsung has announced that the people in Pakistan who own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can obtain their refund or replace their Note 7 with the Galaxy S7-EDGE from the relevant retailers.

Although Samsung did not launch Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan but the company has requested all the customers who pre-booked Note 7 to contact the relevant shops to get a refund.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer has requested its customers to back up their important data, turn off the Note 7, and get rid of this device.

The users have two options, i.e., replace the Galaxy Note 7 with any other smartphone (Samsung is also offering Galaxy S7-EDGE as replacement) or get a refund of PKR 10,000/-

As a part of the measure, Samsung has also started a stall at Karachi airport for replacing the Note 7. This stall is for the passengers of flights who have Note 7. The company has the plan to launch the counters on other Pakistani airports as well in the coming days.

Samsung’s stall at Karachi airport.

Recently, we have seen that a lot of airlines have banned the Note 7 in their flights, Samsung has started this stall so that the passengers can replace their Note 7 before travelling.

Recently, after a lot of reports regarding the battery explosion incidents, Samsung stopped the production of the Note 7. According to the company, it has halted the production to co-operate with the consumer safety regulators of the United States, South Korea, and China. Samsung says that it cares about its customers and is committed to the customer safety.


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According to the tech experts, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer brought a dangerous smartphone to the market. There are some media reports that this device has caused the damages to the cars and the houses as well.

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