Galaxy Note 8

Samsung after some serious effort was finally ready to move past the Galaxy Note 7 tragedy but the devices have some other plans. According to the latest reports, many Galaxy Note 8 users are unable to turn on their devices once the phone’s battery falls to 0%.

The users have been complaining about this issue on various social media sites including Reddit, Twitter etc.

The problem starts when the phone is completely drained out of the battery as it fails to accept any charge and becomes completely unresponsive.

Different users have tried to change the charging wires and attempt to reboot the phone in safe mode but they have not met with any luck so far.

Galaxy Note was unveiled in August  2017 and was later launched in Pakistan in October in a glamorous event. The device has sine received rave reviews from people across the globe which make the new situation even more puzzling for us.

Samsung is apparently aware of this problem as in one thread of the company’s community page, a moderator using the handle “SamsungMel” advised the users to turn in their faulty Galaxy Note 8 devices for warranty replacement.

The message also said, “this particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately.”

Last year, Samsung suffered a huge blow due to Galaxy Note 7 whose batteries tend to blow up on use. Moving forward, the company introduced 8-step battery safety check to avoid similar issues in the future but this new issue involving Galaxy Note 8 makes us question whether there is something wrong with the battery AGAIN!

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