The fever of the new Galaxy Note 8 is not yet over and we are curious as to what next the company will offer in its next flagship successors.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI securities Samsung is nearly ready to commercialize the emerging biometric technology and will showcase its in-display fingerprint scanner next summer.

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The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly have an optical fingerprint sensor which will lie peacefully under the screen though no reports have been confirmed as which supplier will provide components for the implementation of this feature.

Previously, we have read reports that both Apple and Samsung have not yet succeeded in developing a under-display fingerprint sensor in their devices. While Apple has apparently cut its losses and moved into the Face ID and 3D sensor, Samsung seems like is on the same course with Galaxy Note 9.

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A recent report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple wanted this technology in its iPhone X but couldn’t make it work due to manufacturing issues.

The company reportedly wanted to implement this feature in its new Galaxy S8 lineup and due to some developmental obstacles, we might not see them in the Galaxy S9 line up as well.