Since the conception of Samsung’s first Galaxy phone, the Korean company has come a long way to be the top player in the Android game and since then, it has been providing the  Galaxy S line with top-tier specs and has always stayed ahead of other flagships. Galaxy S10 is the latest expected offering in Samsung’s flagship lineup and rumors are already pouring in about the device.

Galaxy S9 did not prove to be a substantial update than its predecessor, S8, as the users didn’t find and spottable changes in the design or performance. Even the, Galaxy S9 managed to top the Global sales in April 2018. However, Galaxy S10 is said to be a huge upgrade over its predecessor. Here is all that you want to know about the phone.

Naming Pattern

Ever since the first Galaxy S saw the light of the day in 2010, Samsung has stuck to a pretty easy to understand the naming system which continues from Galaxy S2 to the latest S9 in ascending order so naturally the next flagship should be named Galaxy S10, but that might not be the case.

In a conversation with the investor, DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile division hinted that the company might be considering a name change for the phone. He said,”Although Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system”

It seems that the company may drop the numbering system for its next flagship which may then only be called Galaxy S

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Though much hype was created around the Note 9 for an in-display sensor the fans were ultimately disappointed to know that the Note 9 will host traditional fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor

However, a report by the ETNews from Korea suggests that the Galaxy S10 will be having an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The report goes on to add that Qualcomm is sought to supply fingerprint scanners from Samsung.

Since Qualcomm is known to have been working on advanced fingerprint scanning on authentication technology, it is fairly possible that the Galaxy S10 may feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

3D Facial Recognition

Earlier, there were rumors that Samsung had teamed up with an Israeli Startup Mantis Vision and a camera firm Namuga, to develop a camera module that could not only be used for 3D facial recognition but also augmented reality.

The rumors were further confirmed by a report from The Bell, a Korean news outlet, that says that the Galaxy S10 will receive a full 3D camera that will potentially equal the phone with iPhone X in terms of AR and 3D facial scan.

This will result in the discontinuation of Samsung’s iris scanner technology present on current flagships. The report also goes on to affirm that Samsung will provide an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Design and Display

Rumors state that the design of Galaxy S10 has already been finalized it will be a refined version of Galaxy S9. Previous news of a patent approved in March 2018 shows a phone with a screen-to-body ratio of 99 percent, and no visible speakers, front-facing camera, or fingerprint sensor. The tipster, Ice Universe also uploaded such a picture on Twitter with the phone’s codename ‘Beyond’.

For the record, Samsung had also filed a patent for a notched phone so it might entirely be possible that the phone comes with a notch. ETNews claims the Galaxy S10 will come with a bold new technology that transmits audio through vibrations in the phone’s glass panel. A technology that we earlier saw in the LG G7 ThinQ.

Samsung Galaxy series has always provided crisp and clear displays with cutting-edge AMOLED technology and this time it may set the bar crazily high in display technology.

According to ET News, the Galaxy S10 will feature a 6.2-inch screen, while The Bell has echoed an earlier report suggesting the phone will have a 5.8-inch screen and the S10 Plus a 6.3-inch screen.

Ice Universe, a renowned tipster, revealed that the S10 will feature an OLED display with an astounding resolution of more than 600 ppi. Moreover, he said that the phone will have an astounding 93% screen to body ratio.

Triple Camera

Huawei P20 Pro remains the world’s first smartphone with triple camera setup. Galaxy S10 is also expected to follow the trend.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 Render

Samsung is eyeing reportedly a triple-lens setup for its next Galaxy phone, with KB Securities analyst Kim Dong-won publishing a research note that says the S10 will have three cameras on the rear

Powerful Specs

According to the latest leak about specs, Galaxy S10 will feature the latest chipset from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 855 with 5G connectivity. Talking about the chipset, it is also rumored that Samsung is working on an Artificial Intelligence enabled chip similar to Huawei’s NPU that will use the machine learning mechanism to boost the performance of the phone.

Galaxy S10 specs leak

If a new leak is to be believed, Galaxy S10 will be a substantial upgrade over the S9 in terms of RAM and storage capabilities. According to noted leaker Ice Universe, Samsung’s upcoming flagship will come equipped with LPDDR5 RAM technology and a UFS 3.0 storage, giving it a significant boost in performance.

Release Date

While rumors are pretty intermittent about when the Samsung is going to launch the much awaited Galaxy S10, if we look at the historical stats, Samsung has always been launching its Galaxy S series flagship anywhere near the Mobile World Congress.

So it is pretty safe to assume that we will see the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 around MWC 2019.