Galaxy S8 will come with a facial recognition feature to verify mobile payments

Galaxy S8
Image Source: iTech Post

The release date of Samsung’s next flagship the Galaxy S8 is nearing but the pre-release leaks are not coming to an end. In a recent addition to the S8 story, the phone is rumored to be including a facial recognition feature.

With a release of the Galaxy S8 Samsung will be looking to put the Note 7 blast chronicle to its end as it upgrades to the fastest ever chip produced by Qualcomm with other major improvements.

The new face recognition feature will be used to authenticate the user’s identity for mobile payments. Though the feature will not be included in the phone from the launch but will be added on later with few months of the release.

The feature will be compatible with Samsung Pay and is said to support more unspecified mobile services as well.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 at a press event scheduled for March 29 in New York. The phone will be the first one to include the Snapdragon 835 and has already shrugged off competition from Nokia considering the fact that Nokia will not be including the latest chip in its flagship phones.

The phone will feature an all display front like the LG G6 and is said to come without a physical home button which is also a possibility for the iPhone 8. In addition to the this Samsung could amp up its camera performance by adding a slo-mo camera which could capture videos at 1000 frames per second, much similar to the one housed inside the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

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