Samsung Pay Mini

Samsung will add its own virtual assistant on its future smartphones and recently it has been revealed that the name of this device will be Bixby and it will compete with the Apple’s Siri.

On the website of Samsung Pay, there are the hints that the company is working for its next device Galaxy S8 and there is a great chance that this device will come with the Bixby AI.The tech experts all around the world are discussing the Samsung Galaxy S8 mainly because of this new AI assistant by Samsung. Samsung is also working on a new version of its online payment system “Samsung Pay Mini.” This system will work with all the cooperating online merchants.

There are some speculations that the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled after the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, this year.But the company can also delay the launch of this smartphone as some rumors suggest this device will be unveiled in April. Bixby will work on Samsung’s Android apps and Samsung Pay Mini.

According to Samsung Executive Vice President Rhee Injong, “Developers can attach and upload services to our agent. Even if Samsung doesn’t do anything on its own, the more services that get attached, the smarter this agent will get, learn more new services and provide them to end-users with ease.”

Samsung has the plan to remove the headphone jack in the Galaxy S8. This phone will be twice as faster as the Galaxy S7.


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