Samsung is getting ready to launch its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and S9+ and thanks to the new video teasers we know a fair bit about the phone’s new camera.

It is no secret that the company is bringing about some major camera improvements in its new devices as its tagline shown at the media invitation for its launch event on 25th Feb is “The Camera Reimagined” and now the company is giving video proof for its claim.

The first ad is a fast-paced action-packed video showing speedy cars, roller coaster, airplanes and much much more. At the end, the whole frenzy comes to an end when we see a skydiver in the air but the number 9 appears, the skydiver’s speed slows down hinting at the Super Slow-Mo camera of the Galaxy S9.

The second ad has been shot at night where we can hardly see any visible light source. After seeing a few nighttime scenes, we come across an image of a deer which lights up as soon as the number 9 appears in the video which is a definite take on the low light capability of the Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 devices are expected to come with a f/1.5 lens with a variable aperture which will enable the users to get better photos even in low lighting conditions.

Finally, the third ad shows us the facial expressions of a guy in different scenarios and at the end when the number 9 comes around his face his face gets turned into a 3D emoji which can be Samsung’s take on the iPhone X Animojis.

The video suggests that the Galaxy S9 camera will be able to turn the user into an animated version which they can share with friends and people on social media to express themselves.

The camera of a smartphone plays a vital role in buying decision of the customers nowadays. The smartphone is rumored to feature dual cameras, which first came into play last year when the company introduced Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy S9 is also expected to cost more than its predecessor, Galaxy S8.