Gboard app for Android

Google has finally rolled out its Gboard app for Android smartphones, which provides the facility to type in more than 120 languages including Urdu and also lets you search the web or share anything from any app. You can stay in any app and still search the web using the Gboard app.

Gboard, which was previously known as Google Keyboard, was introduced in May 2016 for Appleā€™s iPhone handsets but now, this app is available for the Android devices as well. According to an official blog post from Google, the Gboard app has a lot of features which are not available in any other modern keyboard app.

For using this app, you will first have to enable the languages that you would like to use. The method of activating a language is similar to that of any desktop operating system.

Gboard is very useful for most of the Android apps because you can use it as your default typing app. If you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp or any other messaging app, you can still search the web using this unique keyboard app from Google. This app has an option for instant web searching and sharing.

There is an option to add emojis, GIF animations or share anything directly from the web to the conversation. For adding any emoji, all you have to do is search it by typing its name, and the emoji will quickly pop up in your chat. Although the GIF-sharing feature is presently limited to Google Messenger, Allo and Hangouts, the company has the plan to extend this service to the other apps as well.

Aside from this, for the people who like to type in a fast speed, this app has Glide Typing feature, which increases and makes better the typing speed of any user. By using the Glide Typing feature, you do not have to lift your finger from the screen while typing. Instead, you will just have to move your finger from one character to another. Furthermore, the Gboard app also learns from your typing behavior and saves the words that you use most often.

Download Gboard app for Android from here.


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