Geizeer AC keeps your room cool for hours without need for electricity

Geizeer AC portable

The summer is already started, and in Pakistan, this season is proving to be record breaking. The electricity is already very expensive in Pakistan, and people cannot afford the heavy electricity bills. That is why, this summer, most of the people in Pakistan are relying on the ceiling fans. ACs are already very expensive. But, have you heard about Geizeer AC?

New air-conditioners that are available in the market promise to consume very less amount of electricity. But, would you like to purchase an air-conditioner that does not need electricity to work? Of course, everyone would like to have such AC.

It is not always possible nor is it healthy to use air conditioners on a daily basis. The cool air that it throws into the room makes it a great device, but increased usage can cause health issues, such as a headache, stiff neck, back pain and respiratory diseases.

Geizeer is a new kind of air-conditioner, and it does not need electricity power to work. It is small in size and is equipped with a portable battery. This AC uses an ice cube and it can keep your room cool for hours.

It is packed inside a wooden box which helps it to maintain the ice frozen for hours. The fan inside it takes the hot air from the room, cools it down, and throws it back into the chamber.

How to use Geizeer AC?

It is very easy to use Geizeer AC. All you have to do is add the ice cube, previously frozen from the freezer. At this point, simply attach the two halves, so that the two contacts of power join each other. To turn it off, just remove the two halves.

You can recharge its battery by the desktop computer by connecting its USB cable to your PC. It consumes less than 1 cent energy per day. The price of Geizeer AC is $106, but you can get a discount if you purchase it from the Kickstarter.

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