Now get estimated pick-up time & fare for your Careem in Google Maps

Careem announces its integration into Google Maps

Careem announces its integration into Google Maps in a move to improve the experience and convenience level for loyal customers.

The taxi-hailing service aims to simplify people’s lives by using the power of technology and building creative alliances and remains dedicated to continuous innovation.

The service will be available on Android and iOS to users in Pakistan and will also be rolled out across other markets in the region, in the coming weeks.

UAE will be the first to enjoy the services from tomorrow March 29, 2017.

The integration of Careem’s services with Google Maps means a faster ride-hailing experience for users of both the apps. For users searching for directions in Google Maps, a simple tap on the ride-hailing icon on the far right will reveal the closest available Careem cars, along with the expected pick-up time and fare estimate for a ride to their selected destination.

At this point, users will have the option to open the Careem app and confirm their booking, with their pick-up and drop-off details transferring to the Careem app automatically.

Careem announced the launch of GO and GO+ today to further reinforce its customer-centric brand positioning as the safest, most affordable, highest quality mobility solution.

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