GFive, a well known mobile phone brand in Pakistan has introduced thirteen new feature phones in the Pakistani market. Though most citizens are transitioning from feature phones to smartphones, a large population still rely on them to accomplish their everyday tasks.

Here are the thirteen new feature phones and their prices by GFive:

  • 4 Light    Rs. 1849
  • Big Bird   Rs. 1849
  • Bravo      Rs. 1049
  • Falak       Rs. 1849
  • G3310     Rs. 1075
  • Lion         Rs. 1999
  • Rock        Rs. 1150
  • Royal       Rs. 1599
  • Style        Rs. 1849
  • Tiger        Rs. 1125
  • U220+     Rs. 1075
  • W1          Rs. 1799
  • W3          Rs. 1849

Mobile Phone companies are aware that the feature phone market in Pakistan doesn’t plan to falter and die in the upcoming years rather many people who already own a smartphone also keep a feature phone with them for convenience.

One of the reasons people like to keep a feature phone with them is that it offers a long battery life that is not the case with the smartphones. It is the same reason which makes feature phones a trusted companion while a person is traveling.

GFive has a reputation for bringing affordable feature phones in Pakistan that anyone can own without causing a heavy burden on a person’s wallet or budget. Pakistani citizens can buy these devices from different retail outlets.