Datsun Go Car

Gandhara Nissan will very soon resume the production of Datsun cars in Pakistan. As we reported earlier, the company was seeking the approval of the government after the Board of Investment (BOI) and the Engineering Development Board (EDB) has already agreed to treat the company’s proposal as Brownfield investment.

The company discontinued its Datsun brand in 1988 but revived it again in 2012 in the international market with Datsun Go. This car will be a budget vehicle and thus we hope that it will be available to people at affordable price.

Gandhara Nissan has invested Rs. 4 billion to roll out three different models of Datsun 1,000cc-1,500cc

The company will start the production in mid-2019 with 20% of initial localization level. Under the Auto Development Policy 2016-21, Ghandhara Nissan has acquired the Brownfield investment status which will help it to import auto parts at an affordable customs duty for the duration of three years.

According to the incentive, the automaker will be allowed to import the parts that are not produced in Pakistan at 10% customs duty while the parts that are produced in Pakistan can be imported at 25% customs duty.

Ghandhara Nissan started its operations in Pakistan in the year 1981 and converted into a public company in 1992. After starting car production in the country, the auto company halted manufacturing in 2010.

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