ASME GIKI Engineering

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) GIKI chapter is organizing their annual event, the “International Mechanical Engineering Convention’17” (IMEC’17). Students from across the world including teams from Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia and the Middle East are going to participate in the international event.

ASME aims to provide teams with the best challenges and competitions to push them beyond their mental boundaries and help them achieve higher standards of knowledge. For this purpose, the event would contain multiple modules encompassing both technical and non-technical aspects which are addressed below individually.


The ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) provides opportunities for students to design and build a highly engineered vehicle.

The HPVC provides students a platform to demonstrate sound engineering design principles in the development of practical and sustainable alternatives for human transport. This competition wants teams to innovate a vehicle using the best materials and design to maximize its speed and minimize human effort.

Siege Fire

Catapults are one of the oldest and the most efficient engineering mechanisms used for launching projectiles at a great distance. One of the technical modules ‘Siege Fire’ wants students to do exactly that.

In this module, an engineer has to develop such an ingenious model of a catapult which gives the maximum range of the launched projectile with the accuracy and precision. Other aspects such as mobility and light weight may also be considered while evaluating the catapult.

RAPID Design

RAPID Design’ is another technical module. It is a framework to help students move rapidly from a problem to a workable solution.

It is a relatively fast paced and simple way to design something with or without technology. We want you to think outside the box and work out a fast and simple solution to an engineering problem.

RAPID stands for Reveal > Alternatives > Prototype > Iterate > Develop

Mind Buzzer

Mind Buzzer is a fun game challenging the candidate’s knowledge and efficiency in a pressurized environment. A lot of interesting questions and a buzzer waiting to be pressed is stored for the participants in this module. Teams or individuals with maximum correct answers with minimum time will be given prizes.

Ideas exhibition

Ideas exhibition is an open module for students to showcase their research to decision makers from many engineering firms. Participants have to research a topic of their interest and present a paper based on their findings. It is also an effective way to contribute knowledge to the community and discuss hot topics on engineering.

Technical Poster Design

Technical Poster Design is designed to emphasize the ability to deliver a visual presentation as engineers must possess a sound ability to communicate their ideas to other people. The subject matter is related to some area in the engineering field.

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design is a fun activity in the non-technical division to seek out the artist within. If you have an artistic flair and fancy your ability for design then this is the module for you to present your masterpiece and win some awesome prizes. Participants will be given white T-shirts to paint on.

Scavenger Hunt

The ‘Scavenger hunt’ is another non–technical module where teams will be given their first clue with which they will have to reach a specific location. From there they will receive another clue and thus by solving them all, the team which will reach the final destination first will win and receive exciting prizes.

The event apart from modules and competitions will also feature a grand cultural themed dinner, aided by social events such as a mushaira, plays, and dramas will enable participants to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds under one roof.


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