Global smartwatch sales increase by 18%

Smartwatch Industry
Image Source: Gadget Hacks

An independent analyst company has predicted that the smartwatch industry will experience a big boom in their sales until the end of 2017. Canalys has predicted a growth of 18% which amounts a total of 28.5 million units with a value of $10 billion.

Choosing a watch for yourself was never a difficult task with a host of watch manufacturers providing watches suited to every price range. You just had to use the category i.e. sports, chronograph or a traditional watch and then opt for a brand that designs a watch according to your taste.

The premium watches obviously came with a higher price but now with the huge leaps in the tech industry, choosing a watch is becoming tough. You now need to consider if you are spending a hefty sum of money will your smartwatch connect to your iOS or Android based phone or not. The smartwatches come with a price that is not cheap but cheaper enough than the traditional watches.

The competition in the electric world is an ever growing one but the traditional companies are reluctant to adapt to the change. Canalys reports that although some of the watch companies are now looking to provide their user with watches that have limited smartphone compatibility, the watch companies need to come forward and enter the digital realm if they really are looking to cement their places for years to come.

Many users have stopped wearing the watches just because of the fact that they can now easily get a time update from their smartphone whenever they want. Technology experts say traditional companies need to partner with tech-based organizations seeing that developing smartwatches is becoming more easier with the introduction of Android Wear 2.0 OS.

Canalys has predicted that the smartphone industry will reach sales of 53 million come 2021 and traditional companies need to consider the increasing demand of their users.

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