Gmail gets safer, will warn users about malicious links in the message

Malicious Links in emails

We are living in an era where hacking, cyber-crimes, and virus attacks are very common. Although the government has introduced the Cybercrime Bill, but that is not enough to protect internet users. Keeping this in view, Google has decided to introduce a virus-detecting service for Gmail; its free email service. The feature will not only identify the potential threat but also point out malicious links within the emails.

Gmail has been the target of hackers over the past few months. The most popular email service has announced that it will now notify users of the malicious links and viruses in the emails. It is for the first time that an email service is introducing such a technological solution for its users. This will surely improve users confidence in Google’s email service and may increase the subscription as well. 

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According to Google, if there is a link in the email, which the system cannot authenticate, Gmail would automatically alert the user. The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) will validate the email. The system will show a question mark over the sender’s profile photo or user logo, indicating a security risk. The user will then be able to delete the message or keep it and see the malicious files at his/her responsibility. Google has announced this new feature in a blog post.

“Gmail automatically scans every attachment for viruses when an attachment is delivered to you, and again each time you open the message. Gmail also checks for viruses in attachments you send. This helps to protect everyone who uses Gmail, and prevents the spread of viruses,” stated the blog.

Moreover, if a person sends an email with the link to a dangerous website, the recipient of the email would get a caution if he/she clicks that link. The company stated that sometimes, it is hard for the system to scan a particular file. In this case, a user gets a notification, which reads “Oops, the virus scanner has a problem right now.” You’ll have the option to try again later or to download the attachment at your risk. Please note that if Gmail can’t scan the contents of the file, it cannot guarantee that it’s safe to view. But, in most of the cases, the scanner works perfectly.

What can you do to protect yourself from Malicious Links?

Gmail said that it strongly recommend the users to avoid clicking the URLs that ask you to share your sensitive information, for example, passwords, PIN codes, etc. Moreover, the company also says that a user does not need to reply the messages from the people that they don’t know. Most of the times, the cyber criminals send messages with attractive offers and prizes. This kind of emails is mostly fraudulent. Therefore, Google has requested its customers to be alert while reading any email, even if you know the sender. Moreover, Google will never ask for your password or sensitive information over email.

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