Gmail users beware! A possible attack may steal your password

Google announced today that the users of its email service were at risk. It said that the Gmail users all around the world might get a possible attack from the hackers, which will steal user password. The company says that more than one million Gmail accounts are at risk.

Google did not exactly tell the timings or the date of a possible attack, but it said that if an attack is detected on any account, a pink warning sign will appear on the top of the Gmail inbox. Users are also requested to change their passwords.

According to the details, Mountain-view based company said that all the Gmail users, no matter where in the world they are, might get an attack from some government-backed hackers. Intelligence agencies from all around the world search email accounts of users for many purposes. The company also hinted that the targets of these organizations might be the Gmail accounts of activists, journalists, and policy-makers.

Gmail is not alone in getting government-backed hacking attacks, FBI recently hacked an iPhone to get some information about the San Bernardino attack.

Google also stated that if the hackers attack an account, they will spy on the user, access personal emails, and do other kind of activities. It recommended Gmail users to enable the two-factor authentication method and also set up a security key.

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