GoDaddy’s Flare App helps startups better understand their businesses

Flare app GoDaddy

Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy has developed an app, called Flare to help the newly started small businesses in getting the feedbacks from the customers, and also the suggestions from the fellow startups. The Flare app is free to use and is currently available for the iOS.

The app is expected to be released for the Android devices in the next month.

The app is a social network for the entrepreneurs, the people who start new businesses can share their ideas, and get information on various business-related topics from their fellow startups. The users can also build relationships with potential customers and meet the potential investors. They can learn from the experts.

Rene Reinsberg, vice president of Emerging Products at GoDaddy stated,

“Whether you’ve just had a fleeting thought and want to explore where you might be able to take it, or you’ve been dreaming of creating your own business your whole life, Flare is the first place to go for someone that wants to take the next step,”

The Flare app helps users add a business idea and ask other users if the idea assists them in understanding if there is a demand for their product. The users tap right if they like a suggestion, and hit left if they don’t.

Flare app by GoDaddy screenshot
Flare app screenshot

“Everyone has ideas, but too often they don’t go anywhere,” explained Reinsberg. “We created Flare app because we recognized the need for a community where people can get impartial feedback on ideas and connect with others to help them turn those ideas into something meaningful.”

These ideas can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networks. Flare app is owned by GoDaddy but the users don’t need a GoDaddy account for using this app.

The company has the plan to release it for the desktop computers also.

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