Good performers of City Traffic Police to get 15% of Challan amount

City Traffic Police Challan

It has been approved that 40 percent amount of the challans will be given to the City Traffic Police (CTO). Fifteen percent of the amount will be used for the welfare of the wardens. 25 percent will be used for purchasing the important equipment.

As per details, twenty-five percent of the amount of the challan will be used for purchasing the motorcycles and other important things.

CTO sent the summary to the Chief Minister of the Punjab that the 15 percent amount of more than 70 crore rupees collected yearly from the challans should be included in the salaries of the wardens whereas 25 percent should be used for purchasing the important equipment.

Hard workers of City Traffic Police will get rewards

The Chief Minister approved to give 15 percent of the amount as the prize to the wardens and the officials who perform very well and work hard.

25 percent of the amount will be used for purchasing the motorcycles, cars, uniforms, shoes, badges, and water bottles. This amount will also be used for the construction in the traffic sectors. City Traffic Police will start receiving the money at the start of the Punjab Police Integrated Command and Control Centre (PP-IC3) plan, in which the cameras will be installed across the city.

Earlier, the Punjab government decided to strengthen the traffic rules by increasing the fines for the traffic rules violation. PKR 100 was increased on all the fines regarding motorcycles related traffic rules violations.

The government of Punjab is also planning to install RFID (radio frequency identification device) chips on the license plates so that violators who haven’t paid fines could be located and stopped through RFID readers at various locations in the city for making their owners pay their fines.

On the other hand, the use of DVRS (Dealer Vehicle Registration System) was also approved.

Under this system software will be installed at all the selling points of the vehicles that will register the vehicle right at the time of purchase.

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