The Good and Bad About 800cc United Bravo Car

Pakistan’s auto industry is in the process of gradual revolution as many companies like Hyundai, Sazgar, Datsun, and Renault are venturing into the arena. Renault and Hyundai have even started constructing their assembly plants in Faisalabad.

Among all these big names, United Motors has recently launched its United Bravo 800cc car sensing the space in this engine capacity segment where the only other option available in Pakistan is Suzuki Mehran.

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The question arises, Is it worth your hard earned money? Let’s discuss the first impression of this car we got at the launching ceremony.

Value for money

United Bravo is priced at Rs. 850,000, slightly more than what we had expected but the company has provided some worthy additional features that make this price a fair deal. For comparison, Suzuki Mehran VXR model costs Rs. 840,000 and presents you with a box on wheels while United Bravo has some surpassing features.

Back view from Reverse Cam on In-dash Infotainment Display
Back view from Reverse Cam on In-dash Infotainment Display and Sharp LED Meter
  • Power Steering
  • Infotainment Touch Display
  • Crystal Headlamps
  • Fog Lights
  • Digital Instrumental Meter
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Central Locking with Remote Key
  • Reverse Camera with Sensors
Bravo alloy wheels
Winsomely styled Alloy Rims

Design; It Speaks for Itself

Grey Bravo
Bravo’s bravo design

Keeping in mind the price, the company has done a marvelous job of providing consumers with a modern looking car. United Bravo is far superior in design than the now discontinued Suzuki Alto and Cuore while the only vehicle that comes close is second gen Hyundai Santro which again is a history. The car rolls smooth aerodynamics while the quality of paint and the steel chassis is also commendable.

Interior; United Bravo Cockpit

Bravo dash and interior
Interior of the Bravo, A mixture of wood, black, and silver chrome theme.

Again, the company surprises us here with an elegant interior; it’s modern but not loud at all. The steering and gear knob are well placed and within the proper reach of a driver without shifting positions while the wooden lining makes the interior feel like somewhat deluxe. The head and leg room are great at the front while at the back seats the legroom is not suitable for the longer journeys, which again is the norm in small hatchbacks if we minus the imported Japanese domestic vehicles.

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What could be Better?

No car is perfect, Right? United Bravo is no exception here, I encountered some small flaws and little glitches here and there, which company should consider while launching its facelifts and next models.

Quality of Plastic Inside

Bravo power windows panel
Plastic and door handles are clumsy

The status of plastic inside the cabin is not up to the mark. Though we are not asking for extreme superior quality, it should not be faulty. The inside door opening handles are shoddy; the same is the scenario with the USB socket area. It appears that after some usage everything will going to fall apart.

Spare Parts Prices?

United Bravo competes with the likes of Suzuki Mehran as we stated earlier. Suzuki Mehran’s edge over other cars was not only because of the initial selling price but the costs of its spare parts. Like I remember its headlight cost mere Rs. 1000 and the front bumper just Rs. 800 back in 2010 (The prices are still the same). The side mirrors only cost a trifling Rs. 100.

Bravo front
Crystal, multi-reflector headlamp

The exact prices of spare parts of United Bravo will come in a few weeks time, but we apprehend that these prices will not be like Mehran as the car has crystal headlights and more extended bumpers. This scenario can be tackled with the complete localization of all parts and reduction of taxes from the government.

Hard Seats; Long Journeys May Cause Cramps

I am not sure why all the existing companies are ignoring this area since it’s one of the basics. People don’t buy cars just for commuting purpose but also for the longer frequent journeys to their hometowns. United Bravo seats are of ‘inferior quality.

The seats were like sitting on some roadside bench and like I asserted its not the issue with only United Bravo but many cars in Pakistan. The company should consider improving the seats next time, and it’s not a rocket science job.

Silence over Consumption

Smalls hatchbacks are bought all over the world due to their low fuel consumptions. The company has not still declared the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. It remains to see that how this car is going to manage the fuel, but I am pretty hopeful that car is going to perform well in this crucial segment too.

United Bravo is the first ever CBU unit of a Pakistani company; hence it’s the start of a journey, not the end. The work done by the management and leadership of the company must be applauded.

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With the launch of United Bravo, Pakistan’s auto industry is moving in a right direction, and we just need some benefits and a better policy-making from the government.

How you find this car? Do tell us in the comment section below and stay tuned.

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