Google+ adds trending stores to your home stream


If you use Google+ among other social networking to remain up to date with local and global trends you will be happy to know that Google+ is adding a tab to let you explore more content with less difficulty.

The new feature called Topic will be popping on your Google+ home screen in the next couple of days and will generate content that the company hopes will be interesting for you to read.

The new tab will let you read content from other users. A list of Topics will appear on the home screen as ‘Topics to Explore.’ When you click on a certain topic such as ‘Art’ or ‘Tech’, content based on that topic will appear on your screen. This will be specifically helpful for people who want to know what other people are saying on a topic that they are interested in.

Facebook and Twitter also announced such features a few days back. The new addition to Twitter will show you which news you might be interested in. It may also generate content on your news feed based on your previous conversations and trending news. An important question raised by experts is that whether or not Twitter will suggest these news based on sponsored content.

Facebook’s new rocket icon is placed in a bar at the bottom of the app with icons such as News Feed, Friends and Notifications. The philosophy behind the new rocket icon is to provide users to access to content from people or pages they do not follow but may like.

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