Google admires 14-year-old Muhammad Shahzad for uncovering security bugs

Muhammad Shahzad, a 14-year old Pakistani has secured a position in the Google’s Hall of Fame. At such a young age, he uncovered a lot of security errors in Google’s products. Google is currently fixing up the vulnerabilities reported by him. The company will reward him once the errors are fixed.

At the age of only 12, Shahzad discovered a fault in the security system of Google’s Android OS v4.4 (KitKat). He was successfully able to bypass the password in this version of the OS. Google encouraged him to find this security fault. Shahzad says that he does not want any reward from Google, the appreciation is enough for him. He stated that he had brightened the name of Pakistan.

Shahzad also found security bugs in Twitter, eBay, Apple, and Microsoft and was enlisted in the Hall of Fame of these companies. According to the Express Tribune, Shahzad had an Internet facility at a very young age. One day, his father’s email got hacked. He promised his father that he will bring back the email account but was failed to do so. Since then, he has been finding security vulnerabilities in different kinds of software, and websites.

He finds the errors in the websites, and software and honestly reports them to the concerned companies. He is also working on various kinds of Web applications and some freelancing projects for PHP.

Muhammad Shahzad says that he does not want to make money but instead intends to focus on making people’s life easier.

Earlier, a ten-year-old boy, Jani from Pakistan was rewarded Rs. 1 million for finding a security bug in Facebook-owned Instagram.

Image Source: Daily Times.

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