All Google apps will continue to work on Huawei phones; company reassures users

Last month, the US in a rather shocking move placed China’s largest smartphone maker Huawei on the commerce’s entity list, banning it from conducting business with the American companies. Soon afterward, Google was forced to cut ties with the second largest smartphone maker based on shipment volumes and consequently revoked Huawei’s Android License, barring it from using the OS in the upcoming phones.

Soon after the news broke, the Huawei users across the world started to panic fearing that their phones will become useless without the recent Android updates. Even after the 90 days relief provided by the US government, the fear of not being able to access Google products made people worried.

To clear the air for its users, Huawei has issued a statement stating that all of its smartphones that have been sold or are in-stock in the market and even the ones coming in a couple of months will be able to use Google services including Google Play, Google Play Protect, Gmail, Google Search, etc.

Moreover, all Huawei smartphones will also be blessed with Android OS and its security updates so if you are planning on ditching your most beloved device, you should hold on to it without any worries.

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