Google Ara removable smartphone

If you want to design your smartphone as per your style, then Google is soon going to make your dream come true. The company is about to launch a new range of smartphones in which you will be able to change all the components according to your wish. The project name of these smartphones is Google Ara.

In the present era, people can change the parts of their computer systems. But by next year, they will be able to do the same for their smartphones.

How will Google Ara work?

Just like Lego blocks, you will be able to change any part of the smartphone; people were waiting for this kind of smartphones since a long ago. The smartphones will be available by next year.

People will be able to customize the hardware of their smartphones just like they customize the applications. Experts say that the users will be able to fix the components at any place in their smartphone.

If a person needs a high-resolution camera, he would be able to change the camera in Ara smartphone himself. If a user needs a better quality battery, he would be able to fix a more powerful battery on the phone. The user will also be able to change the RAM, internal memory or the display of a phone.

Ara smartphones will be powered by Google’s Android operating system. The modular project will be shipped to the developers this fall. The developers include Panasonic, TDK, iHealth, E Ink, Toshiba, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and Samsung.

The project was started in 2013, but it was owned by Motorola. Recently, Google has purchased this project from Motorola.

With the launch of Google Ara smartphones, people will not have to waste their money in purchasing the latest high-end devices. They will just upgrade the hardware inside their smartphones.

The company is also working on another new project, called Google Chirp, a Smart Home device which will allow the users to browse the web by just speaking.


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