Google Art Selfie

One may or may not love painting but there is something so peculiar and compelling about the old artworks that nobody can deny to appreciate the sheer hard work put into painting them. If you are an art lover and a selfie freak, Google Art Selfie is the perfect app for you. It lets you find your doppelganger within a vast variety of old artworks.

The feature comes within the Art and Culture app from Google which has collaborated with over 1200 museums in 70 countries to bring you all their collection in the palm of your hand.

Besides taking selfies, you can discover amazing art from around the world. A VR feature is also included for a more immersive experience and you can visit the world’s famous museums while sitting on your couch.

The results are also shareable which means you can show off your art look-alikes to your friends and family on social media

The app was primarily initiated as an experiment but has now rolled out worldwide and has been gaining popularity ever since. People from around the globe are sharing their Google Art Selfie on social media.

The app is available on both iOS and Android. All you have to do is search the Art and Culture app from Google, download it and voila! you are all set to go. We just downloaded the app and found the Google Art Selfie feature right in the middle so you shouldn’t have any problems locating the option within the app.

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