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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very helpful technology for the smartphone owners, and it helps them to do various tasks on their phones easily. Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are two most popular AI apps and below we have discussed some reasons why Google Assistant is better than Siri:

Searches quickly

Google voice search, quickly searches through the apps, files, and the Internet and shows a large number of results on your screen. Siri can also search the data from your smartphone, but its search engine is not very powerful.

Takes selfies quickly

Google Assistant takes your selfies quickly than the Siri app. If you ask it to take a selfie, it opens up the camera app and starts a 3-second timer and then captures a selfie.

On the other hand, if you ask Siri to take a selfie, it launches the camera app and automatically redirects the app to the front-facing camera, but it fails to take the photo automatically. So, Google Assistant is quick and saves your time.

Search Videos

As you probably already know, Google owns YouTube, so its AI app also searches the videos easily from the internet.

If you ask Assistant to look up for any video, it would instantly show you the exact clip. On the other hand, Siri is not good in searching for the videos. Many times it mishears the name of the video.

Searching for the events

Both Assistant and Siri can easily find the events by using your location and time. But, the interface of Google Assistant is smoother, and it can also automatically notify you about the upcoming major events by automatically searching them on the web.

Funny answers

Here, Siri wins! Siri is better in answering your queries in a friendly style than the Google Assistant. If you ask any question to Google’s AI app, it will show you the results by searching through the Internet. But, Siri is better because it mostly answers in a human style, and sometimes it also responses in a funny way!

Google Assistant understands anything

It frustrates a lot when you have to repeat your words because the AI system in your smartphone fails to understand you. But, Google’s AI app understands the human voice more easily than Siri.

Although Siri comes with a lot of useful functions, it does not easily understand your words. If you speak fast, Siri will not be very helpful for you.

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