Google Assistant on Android Tablet

Google Assistant was first launched in 2016 and was rolled out to Android Smartphones in the same year. Although it came with some flaws, constant updates in the passing months have made it exceptionally better.

Back in April 2017, Google confirmed that this feature will not be a part of Android Tablets, however, in November 2017 we are no sure anymore.

The new beta version of the Google Assistant shows a small tablet icon in settings menu which shows the devices that are compatible with the digital assistant.

Google Assistant on Android Phone


Although there are many Digital AI assistants in the market such as Siri, Alexa, Bixby etc., Google has rapidly become more efficient than other digital AI’s of it’s generation. According to a new research at Cornell University, Google’s AI assistant has higher IQ than Apple’s Siri.

You can also read some of the reasons why Google Assistant is better than Siri by clicking here.

Adding Google Assistant to Android Tablets will be a logical move for the tech company as it is already available on all smartphones that have Android 7.0 or above.

Google Assistant works on Chrome OS, Android TVs, various car infotainment systems and even on iOS through the Google app.

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